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C A P O welcomes you and would like to know your concerns and comments.

There are 4 ways you can contact C A P O. You can call us at (817) 705-5272, come to our meetings (click here for schedule). send an email to, or submit the form below.

 You may also contact any current board member via email by clicking on the following links:

Chairman (Ricky Esqueda)

Vice Chairman


Treasurer (Monty von Gonten)



Board Member at Large #1 (Kathy Rokusek)

Board Member at Large #2    
Grievance Committee Chairman  


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C A P O Sponsors

Hillcrest Church of Christ


(If your organization shares our vision become a C A P O sponsor and we will list your name and hyperlink here. Click here to contact C A P O for details.)

Volunteer Opportunities

C A P O needs volunteers to translate text from English to Spanish and from English to Vietnamese. If you are willing to help please click here to contact

 C A P O.


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